Sunday, September 21, 2008

the coat of tears

last night I remembered a story which I wanna share with you:
during my studies I worked for a famous fashion designer; I had to sew prototypes to check the fit and workmanship and as well garments which were shown at the fashion shows;
once I had to make a coat whith pleats, I had to sew the pleats first and then cut the panel; after 2-3hours of work I realised that I made a major mistake, the panel was not correct, sth went totally wrong :-(
angry and pissed about myself I couldn't stop the tears anymore; I showed it to the pattern maker and the designer and they had to smile, not a big disaster they said; the pattern maker told me to relax and cut a new piece;
the designer suggested to have a swin in "the holy lake" which was just 5 min. walk as he thought my tears will intermix with the water; then I had to smile :-)
the next days we internally called that coat "the coat of tears".
guess what! it became the bestseller of that collection....

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