Sunday, October 12, 2008


the dawanda-users have defined that the month october should get the brown colour
one of the user started the initiative at the beginning of this year, to search for monthly colours;
as this month it's brown, I have decided to go for a brown christmas card
find more of my cards here

and today I finnally was in the mood to make mrs. folder;
I got that idea when I visitied bianca in her store in hannover (home of limetrees) in august
hope you like it, for details click here

1 comment:

bianca said...

hallo sabine,wie schon gesagt, danke fürs erwähnen. beides hast du ganz toll hinbekommen :-) wie immer eigentlich. bald werden das bestimmt ganz viele erkennen, also weiter so :-).viele grüßebianca

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