Wednesday, November 26, 2008

being busy

already curiuos what I did tonight instead of playing football?
I was baking biscuits;
next weekend, I am invitated to a friend's party near the lake of constance as she moved homes;
I decided to bring special selfmade biscuits;
how to make these traditional butter cookies:
mix 150g cold butter, 1 egg yoke, a bit of rum, 100g icing sugar and 250g flour
knead it and keep it cool in the fridge for some time;
meanwhile you can think about which shapes to cut or which text to write - if you have the same special cutter like me you can be very creative :-)...
roll it out and cut out the cookies, bake them for aprox. 10min. with 180° (depends on the oven, mine is not the best, had to bake them longer)

right now they are cooling down, will wrap them tomorrow and show you pics again :-)

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