Sunday, November 16, 2008

a cap full of life

did you know that worldwide many baby's dye because of hypothermia as most of the body warmth get's lost through the head?

after a long time I have recently bought a women's magazine again
while reading throught I noticed an article about knitting; knitting a baby cap to save lifes;
it's a project initiated by "save the childeren" and "brigitte";
you can knit a baby cap, write a letter to Angela Merkel and send both to berlin;
your cap will be given to a new-born and it's family which really needs it;

if we all contribute and knit caps we can save children's lifes
read more about it here (brigitte) or here (muetze-voll-leben)
if you do not have an instruction how to knit the cap, you can find it online here
I have made "my" mini-hat on staturday just out of the head :-)

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