Saturday, November 8, 2008

limetress-parcel and a surprise

have prepared a parcel for bianca last week
with new goods to be sold in her lovely colourful store
went to to post-office point in a shopping mall an realised, that it has closed down;
hmm, I had to walk to the big post office, but didn't want to because I was too lazy,
had no other choice
when I had to wait at the traffic lights I have realised a market which I ever wanted to visit (after I have read about it in the dawanda forum):
the dutch fabric market; walked around and met a colleague, she told me to buy sth as the fabrics are so nice; I can proudly tell you that I have resisted as I thought I have still so much stock at home;

after I came back I thought about what to offer for the dawanda monthly colour theme, this time it is silver grey for november; didn't have any good idea so far;
was nosing around in my living room and discovered my wool; immediately had an idea and started to knit sth (is still a surprise :-));
but, I didn't have all material at home, that's why, I went back to town, back to the dutch fabric market :-)
I guess you know that feeling of not beeing able to resist although your brain tells you that you should...

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