Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cooking event or half dead ;-(

it's about food again...
last night I went out with my collegues to cook, it was our internal department x-mas party;
we booked a chef and he taught us how to cook a menu - it was a surprise, we didn't wanna know
1st we started preparing the dessert, then we made and ate a spicy beetrout soup
main course was chicken stuffed with pruns and pine nuts served with a nice alcoholic gravey and vegetable pasta
as dessert we made a parfait with german lebkuchen flavour and mulled wine souce with berries
it was really delicious and we had great fun cooking (and of course eating) it :-)
although we and I - as you can see on the picture, wearing my nice apron - had to work hard for it.... (you might think now I am a good housewife, but believe me, I am not, just pretending :-))
today we came all late to work and were really tired and unmotivated; I think we mixed too many kinds of alcohol; I have drunk sparkling and mulled wine, what I normally don't do, shouldn't do it again to avoid getting a headache...

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