Sunday, December 14, 2008

it's been a...

... busy and nice sunday today;
after a long sleep I have finished 2 new paddy-coats today (the one in the centre on the pic)
did some online-x-mas-shopping on dawanda (like yesterday :-)),
have ordered some of my child pictures online after I have coloured them in pink; have planned that for such a long time now, and, as I always have x-mas presents for my self, these pics will be my present this year; will buy a silver frame later; here one of the pics for you to look at
and have started oil-painting: I think 2 or 3 years ago I bought some oil colours and screens but never ever started to paint; today I tried...
prepared all I need
first brush lines in an ugly orange (I though I just cover th screens with a colour which will not be seen later on ;-) )
I stopped after the 2nd colour, of course my work is still under process, will keep you updated,
however, I needed to leave because I wanted to go to an "alternative" x-mas market in nürnberg; did some shopping (at least, I found 2 presents ;-)) and met some dawanda-sellers which was really nice; it's fun if you meet the people in person and can talk to them;

walked around the market and bought sth to eat as I was not in the mood to prepare some food at home for myself only; later on I called a friend who wanted to go shopping with me tomorrow, luckily, he was on the christmas market as well with some friends, had a nice and funny chat
now I am back home and will add the new paddy-coats to my dawanda-shop so that they can be bought ;-)
wish you a nice evening


Quilt-Insel said...

Hi, I like the colours you have used for you painting. I´m painting my self foor some years now. I have altough started with oil painting. But the smell has always taken me out of my shoes and it takes such a long time untill the paintings has already dried. That´s why I use Acryl colours for a few years now. You can handel them like water colours.Lovely GreetingsChristiane

Raumseelig said...

oh wie schön du es hier hast! bin eben durch deine seiten gewandert und fühle mich hier sichtlich wohl :)ich komme ganz sicher öfter bei dir vorbei!herzliche grüßebarbara

myriam kemper said...

Ich bin gespannt, was Du aus den Bildern weiter machst - malen möchte ich auch gerne mal wieder :o)Lieben Grußmyriam.

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