Sunday, December 21, 2008

let me proudly present...

... my new creation!
as announced yesterday I have made the 1st garment which is shown in a patrones magazine; it's been ages ago since I last sew a garment, it's really a pity: I have learnt sewing for 3 years and during those 3 years I haven't done anything else than sewing; and now, I only sew some bags or paper-cards ;-(...
it took some time to adjust the pattern (as I do not have model measurements ;-)), and to make a decorative detail, but now, it's done, and I like it!!!
this was the skirt shown in the magazine
I used a brownish checked fabric with rose and pink tones, cut the yoke in diagonal direction, added a striped piping and topstitched the yoke seam with zig-zag to make the skirt more interesting; and have added a hand-sewn rosette with a rose glitter-button
sorry for that bad pic but my mirrow is so dirty ;-( (of course the pleat direction is the same as on the original, the pic is mirrow-inverted)
lucky me I bought those nice darkred tights a long time ago, they match perfectly to the skirt
I would say the new-year-party can come ;-)!

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