Saturday, December 13, 2008

relaxed winter afternoon

after I sew the keyrings I made myself a yummy hot chocolate: found those nice little cubes with a stick when I went shopping in ravensburg some weeks ago,
I warmed up milk and made some milk froth
put the chocolate cube into the milk and melted it
it looked a bit strange, I think I need to practice more ;-)
lucky me I still have one in stock

to make my home cosy I lit some candles, they reflected themselves in my patchwork picture; however, couldn't take a photo;
but, instead, I can show you how my chandelier reflected itsself in that pic

1 comment:

myriam kemper said...

Oh, der Kakao sieht lecker aus!
Nach solchen "Schokodingern" muß ich auch einmal Ausschau halten!

Lieben Gruß und einen schönsten Sonntag wünscht

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