Saturday, December 20, 2008

the very first time...

well, what do YOU think now ;-)?
last night, I have copied a paper pattern from the spanish sewing magazine patrones; I do not know spanish but I know sewing and how to read patterns, that helps
I have bought some during the last 5 years but so far, have never ever used any pattern; but now, it's time to sew sth, will show you later what it will be (the good thing is that I even have the fabric, lining and zipper, just need to get started, as always ;-));

what else have I done the last days?
got an order to knit a babyset: cap, socks and wristlets
further, I completed my winter set: have presented you my cap some days ago, now, I made a scarf and wristlets
and my painting is as well under process; the oil colour really smell, that's why it's not so much fun painting in winter when you do not really want to open the window; and, another point is, it's true what christiane mentioned in my other posit, that the drying time of the colours is really long...; however, if the colour is still kind of "wet" you can get some nice effects ;-)
still not finished , my painting,..., more pics will follow later;
now I will have a nice wake-up coffee, it's anyway a wonder that I am awake at this time of the day, especially as I am on holiday ;-);
and last but not least: happy birthday to daddy and jonathan!!!

short addition: have wrapped some presents as well

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