Monday, December 22, 2008

what do others think about you?

I changed my purse last night and found sth. which I wanna share with you:
when I have worked in indonesia 2 years ago, we had a very though job in the quality control department; doing inspection at nights and weekends, long discussions with the factories about deliveries, customer claims which were sometimes not reasonable...;
my colleague and me had the idea to spend some time together privately to help the team/us to cheer-up a little; my colleague knew a nice "game" (it's not really a game...);
everybody got a set names of all team members, excluding his/her own, on each paper we had to write down a positive character, what did we like most about the other?
later on we collected all these things (without knowing, who said what) and wrote them together for each person; I've kept it in my purse all the time, when I feel bad I always have sth in hand to cheer-up;
hope I could inspire you as well, just try it, you will be pleased ;-)
and now I am sure you wanna know what my colleagues thought about me?

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