Friday, May 8, 2009

am sonntag... - on sunday...

... will mein süßer mit mir vögeln gehn, äh shoppen ;-)
(keine sorge, ihr habt nix verpasst, wollte nur passend zum taschenmotiv nen dummen spruch machen...;-))

.. my sweety wants to shag me, aeh wants to shop with me (sorry, in english, you don't get the joke, I cannot translate it, but let me explain: "voegeln" means shaging, however, the noun, "vogel", means bird; as there is a bird on the bag I made this little joke; maybe you won't understand, but that doesn't matter ;-), most important is that you can see this nice bag :-))
no worries, you didn't miss anything, just wanted to be silly...;-))

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